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Old Texts

1989 - Through to our protoplasm there is objectification... while theory fluctuates and changes according to our desires

1998 - Curating on the Edge of Chaos

1999 - Interview with Simon Faithfull

2001 -

"...this service is now terminated due to the theft of a palm pilot in a bar on West Broadway and Warren..."

...We have living, performing digital and electronic works which need to be maintained for as long as possible...

"...the rapid growth in the use of the Net has given artists a large potential audience for their work..."

"...New media art is being systematically priviledged at international art events..."

"...the net is a tricky space for organisations oriented around neatly provenanced objects..."

"...I check my mail, look at my bank balance, I see myself in the mirror..."

"...Karskrona2 is a "free space" is inhabited by at least part of the same community of individuals as the real city..."

"...I would like to see people using it in an almost sculptural way..."

" essence, what the viewer/participant does in the installations, or via a terminal interface to online projects..."

"... the dance, the body ... captured every 20 seconds and the image transferred to the net ..."

"...Both, in the artistic and commercial realm we can only look forward while still doing some damage assessment..."

"...the Free Software available obviously doesn't cut it for many people, artists in particular..."

"...As they walked, Georgia looked around herself at the familiar landscape..."

"...Sometimes you can calm your spook down by agreeing with it. Although, if you have an extremely violent spook perhaps you should re-search your generator..."

"..."Baby Play" is installation 1.0 of Cheang's "Locker Baby" project (2001-2002), which features three Net installations based on a fictional scenario..."


2002 - Ideas, the Final Frontier - Computers Beyond Hierarchy and the Web Beyond HTML